Voyex – The origin

To Wiard and Fabian, launching Voyex was driven primarily by a sense of responsibility. Together, they have the unique knowledge, experience and network required to make their LOHC a success. So if they don’t commit to creating a zero-emission alternative for diesel, who will? They acknowledge that it won’t be easy. But there is too much at stake to stick to paved paths. With Voyex, Wiard and Fabian are determined to prove to diesel users that there really is no excuse to keep polluting our planet. With Voyex, the transition from diesel to zero emissions is as easy as it gets.

Wiard and Fabian met in 2018 during a project that assessed the feasibility of using hydrogen as an energy source for shipping. Fabian worked at clean fuel infrastructure company PitPoint / Total Energies and Wiard worked at Damen Shipyards. After the project finished and they both had moved on from their previous roles, Wiard and Fabian reconnected.

Together they explored a potential hydrogen-based solution that could meet the demands of the industry while enabling zero-emission operations. They spent six months talking extensively with various industry parties across the hydrogen value chain, to create a list of demands for a potential solution to be commercially and operationally viable. After this process, they confidently started optimising the Voyex LOHC and the production process which now meets all demands on the list.

Voyex envisions a world where clean energy is abundant, available to everyone, everywhere and in many forms.

Fabian Benschop en Wiard Leenders